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We are committed to bringing you great New Zealand books full of stories, ideas and images that speak strongly about what makes our country special.

100% New Zealand owned, Potton & Burton is this country’s largest independent publisher.

Our books are acclaimed for both their exceptional quality and value for money. You can find them in your favourite bookstore, or you can shop online here.

the bestsellers


  1. Tramping: A New Zealand History

    by Shaun Barnett & Chris Maclean
  2. Grahame Sydney

    by Grahame Sydney
  3. Under the Ocean

    by Gillian Candler & Ned Barraud
  4. Blackie the fisher-cat

    by Janet Pereira & Gabriella Klepatski
  5. Land of Birds

    by Niels Meyer-Westfeld
  6. Maori Art for Kids

    by Julie Noanoa & Norm Heke
  7. The Heart of Hunting

    by Greig Caigou & Matt Winter
  8. Patient

    by Dr Chris Reid
  9. Grasshopper’s Week

    by Tania Norfolk & Chris Norfolk
  10. New Zealand: The Essential Landscape 2014

    by Rob Brown