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send submissions to:

Robbie Burton
Executive Director & Publisher
Craig Potton Publishing
98 Vickerman Street
PO Box 555

Fax: + 64 3 548 9456

getting published

Craig Potton Publishing is a non-fiction publisher, and we publish books on a wide range of subjects, including natural history, scenic New Zealand, outdoor adventure and travel, art and culture, and social and environmental issues. We welcome submissions from authors and photographers who consider they have a concept, a completed manuscript and/or photographs with potential for publication.

We do not publish novels, and only occasionally poetry, so please do not submit manuscripts in these genres.

If you have a concept that you would like considered, please submit to Robbie Burton, Executive Director & Publisher, ideally via email, a brief synopsis of the proposal, and an outline of any personal experience, professional or otherwise, that is relevant to your submission. We will then let you know if we are interested in seeing a more complete proposal.

Please do not expect an immediate response. We get many queries, and assessing publishing proposals often takes a considerable amount of time.

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