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Media Releases available to download
Blackie the Fisher-cat by Janet Pareira & Gabriella Klepatski
Grasshopper's Week by Tania Norfolk & Chris Norfolk
The Fitness Attitude by Bevan James Eyles
Hometown by Derek Smith
Frank Worsley by John Thomson
Te Ara Puoro by Richard Nunns with Allan Thomas
On the Move by Garth Barfoot with Cushla Innes
Under the Ocean by Gillian Candler & Ned Barraud
Grahame Sydney by Grahame Sydney
Patient by Dr Chris Reid
Tramping: A NZ History by Shaun Barnett & Chris Maclean
The Heart of Hunting by Greig Ciagou & Matt Winter
Land of Birds by Niels Meyer-Westfeld
ICONZ by Belinda Ellis
Maori Art for Kids by Julie Noanoa & Norm Heke
Where the Day Begins by Martin Bettinger
Becoming a Person by John McRae
A Winter's Paddle by Tara Mulvany
New Zealand's Wilderness Heritage (2014) by Les Molloy & Craig Potton
White-collar Radical by Mark Derby
Moa – finalist in the 2013 Royal Society of NZ Science Book Prize
At the Beach – finalist in the 2013 NZ Post Children's Book Awards
So Far by David Trubridge
Bizarre Bras (World of WearableArt)
Precious Metal (Pocket) by Gavin Conroy
New Zealand's Wild Places by Craig Potton
Tui by Meg Lipscombe
Groundchange by Sally Blundell
Molesworth by Harry Broad
More Little Things by Matt Lawrey & Peter Lole
Andris, where are you? by Ron Crosby
Promoting Prosperity by Peter Alsop & Gary Stewart
Dolphins of Aotearoa by Raewyn Peart
Lost Gold by Paul Bensemann
In the Garden by Ned Barraud & Gillian Candler
The Teddy Bear's Promise by Diana Noonan & Robyn Belton
Moa by Quinn Berentson
South by Petr Hlavacek
At the Beach by Ned Barraud & Gillian Candler
Field Guide to New Zealand's Native Trees by John Dawson & Rob Lucas
Pipimoomoo by Justine Summers
Shelter from the Storm by Shaun Barnett, Rob Brown & Geoff Spearpoint
Wreck of the Diddley by Fatcat & Fishface
Craig Potton New Zealand
Postcards from Auckland by Bob McCree
Selling the Dream by Peter Alsop, Dave Bamford & Gary Stewart
Outsiders by Gerard Hindmarsh
The Little Things by Matt Lawrey & Peter Lole
Stag Spooner by Chris Maclean
Knucklebones by Sam Hunt
Depression: Natural remedies that really work by Professor Shaun Holt & Iona MacDonald
Chords by Sam Hunt
Feeding Little Tummies by Nicola Galloway
Himalayan Hospitals by Michael Gill
Kura Koiwi by Brian Flintoff
Mountain Biking North by Dave Mitchell
Mountain Biking South by Dave Mitchell
New Zealand: the essential landscape by Rob Brown
New Zealand's Native Trees by John Dawson & Rob Lucas
Off the Wall: the world of WearableArt
Precious Metal by Gavin Conroy
Wind from a Distant Summit by Pat Deavoll
It's in the Post by Richard Wolfe
Kakapo by Alison Ballance
Mune by Ian Mune
New Zealand Civil Rights Handbook by Tim McBride
New Zealand: eye on the landscape (various contributors)
Truth by Redmer Yska

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